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Prek 4

Pre-K four has been a very busy class lately so I decided to ask the Pre-K four teacher, Mrs. LaPlante, what they’ve been doing in class. In math, the kids have been measuring Cheez-Its to see how big they are. In religion, they’ve been learning about all of the different days and events during Holy Week. In Social studies they’ve been learning about community workers and their importance. In science, they did an experiment! They learned about the importance of brushing your teeth by staining eggs. They put eggs in different cups overnight in milk, water, and soda to see what would happen like they were teeth! They guessed that the soda would make the eggs dirty and gross and they guessed right! After they took the eggs out, they brushed them clean with toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Thank you Mrs.LaPlante for letting me interview you! Have fun teaching Pre-K four!


                                                                                                                                          -Tayla Leahy

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Grade 3 News

Third grade, the grade after two but before four.

Recently, we got to interview a hand full of third graders about what they have been doing in their classroom. First we interviewed Gianni Corsini about his experience in third grade. “I’ve been learning math, science, and religion,” Gianni said when he was asked about his recent schooling, “how to be kind, and not littering”  Alice Didonato said “ We’ve been learning measurements.” The third grade class is currently working on “International Night” which according to P.J. Notargiacomo, “International Night is a project we made a poster board on a country presenting information”. The third graders were divided into groups, with each group representing a different country. Aidan Woodward, who was in the group writing about Canada said “It’s a really big place,” and  “My favorite baseball team, the Blue Jays play there.” Calla Foncesca told us about her project, which was on France. “We’ll be wearing berets to our presentation,” she told us. The third grade class has also been working on Easter projects. The third grade class has been working very hard on these projects and we wish them luck when they present on International Night.

By Peter LeBeau and Matthew D’Artista

Special thanks to the students we interviewed, and to Ms. Morelli


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Grade 6

We contacted Mrs. McCurdy and Mrs. Corsini and asked them to give us information regarding the going ons of 6th grade. According to Mrs. McCurdy, the 6th grade is finishing up the book Cheaper by the Dozen, and are about to start a project relating to the book. Mrs. Corsini says that they just completed MLA research papers and oral presentations on what makes their birthdays special. Next up, they’ll be doing pasta punctuation (using pasta for commas, quotation marks, etc.). They’ll also create punctuation posters,  crazy dialogues, and they will write a punctuation play.

Thank you teachers for taking the time to answer our questions.


Written by Noah Perullo and Evan Murray

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Escape the Classroom-8th Grade Science

Yesterday in science class, the 8th Grade had an escape room type class during Science. We had to avoid nuclear annihilation by solving science related challenges and puzzles. There were 8 challenges all related to what we are learning in science class. We had two periods to finish the challenges or “the world would end”.  At the end there was a huge prize for each team that “saved the world”.  We all felt that this activity was very engaging, fun, helpful, and we would all love to do this again!

Jackson Stepanian and Joseph Santa Cruz



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7th Grade News

7th Grade has been doing some interesting things in the past few weeks.  This trimester in math, Mrs. Fera has been teaching them inequalities in a very engaging way.  This includes getting to work with groups and going to work on the board and having a good time. We spoke to Mrs. Fera about how the 7th graders were doing with inequalities she said,”they are doing amazing.”

Also, the 7th Grade has been working on their Christmas Carol projects in art. They have previously seen the movie and read the novel in literature. They went to see the play at Trinity Repertory during the Christmas season. Now, in art, they have been working on their main projects for The Christmas Carol. They can make a drawing,  create costume designs, or a diorama of a set scene. All of their work will put into the Art Show at the end of the year.

Thank you Mrs. Fera and Mrs. Vescera for the interview for this blog. We hope the 7th graders continue to work hard and enjoy the remainder of the school year.

Dante Andreozzi and Natasha Biah


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Pre-K 3


This month I interviewed Mrs. Shea, who happens to be my mom. She has worked at St. Augustine School for 10 years in different roles, most recently has a teacher’s assistant for Mrs. Betsy O’Rouke in PreK 3. She told me this month the Pre-K 3 students have been working on the alphabet and they are now  on the letter O. They have been doing some art projects with water coloring lambs, doing an Easter project, and learning their primary colors. They are excitedly preparing for the yearly Easter egg hunt which has made the Pre-K children happy. They are also doing well at writing their names and zipping up their jackets. So the PreK 3 children are doing well and I hope they stay with this school until they become eighth graders. 


Ryan Shea

Second Grade News


Second grade has been very busy since they returned from Christmas vacation. They are working hard to prepare themselves for their first reconciliation in March. Every Wednesday Sister Dot comes into the classroom to help the students understand the importance of trying to follow the commandments and God’s love that he shows through forgiveness. The second grade students have just finished their President’s report and they’re learning about our government.  In science they’re learning about the solar system. In math they recently learned about geometry. On “World Read aloud day” they skyped Mrs.Stover’s sister’s first grade library class in Massachusetts. Mrs. Stover’s class performed a play “Too Much Noise” and the first grade read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”.

Second Grade is learning many new fun things this year.


  • Julianna Tanzi
  • Melissa Santelises  

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1st Grade News

     This year, the first graders have been learning a lot and having lots of fun while learning!  In science, they learned about the water cycle. They also learned about three different types of clouds: cumulus, cirrus, and stratus.  They each made their own cloud by gluing cotton balls to blue paper. Shaving cream was also used to create clouds on the table. The students picked a career that they would like to pursue when they are older.  They were able to dress up in a uniform corresponding to the career they chose. Their classmates asked them questions about their career and they gave their best answers. In math, they have been learning about numbers that are greater than, less than, or equal to.  On the one hundredth day of school, they read Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge together. The story was about a boy who lived next to a nursing home. They wrote about where they would be living, who they would be living with, and what hobby they would be enjoying at the age of one hundred.  The first graders learned how to write letters. They are now using this method of writing to write a postcard on an index card to send to a classmate. All the students have mailboxes, and this fun activity will continue for the rest of the school year. Throughout the year, the first graders have learned a lot through fun activities, playing games, and interacting with each other.


By: Bianca Orabona and Lindsay Vescera

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8th Grade News


     We are really excited to share what the eighth graders are up to. We certainly have a lot of work coming in the remaining four months before we go to high school. We are doing big things in Language Arts class with Mrs. Corsini. We are learning how to set up MLA research papers.  The first topic is based on a possible career choice, using primary and secondary sources. We are all writing a research paper on our future career that we would like to do. We are interviewing people who are in the field of our career choice and getting advice from them. We asked Mrs. Corsini what we will be  learning next in her class and she responded with, “In the spring,  we will work with Mrs. McCurdy on the Holocaust  research papers.”

     In reading, we are working on essays on overcoming adversity. During class, we watched videos of speeches on the subject. In social studies, we are starting WWII and learning about the holocaust. In math Algebra 1, we are learning all forms of factoring.

     We would like to thank Mrs.Corsini for providing us with information on what we will be doing in the near future of Language Arts.

                    – Joseph Rose    – Justin Cabral

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