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Welcome Back!


The class of 2020, would like to welcome back all students, faculty, and staff for the 2019/2020 school year. We also give a warm welcome to our new teachers:  Mrs. Scaramuzzo, Mrs. Micheletti, Mrs. Chiero, and Ms. Fox.

We hope all of our students will grow in faith and knowledge with the help and guidance from all of our teachers. We want to thank Mrs. Rufful, Fr. Forcier, Fr. Brice, and Sr. Dorothy for helping our students grow in spirituality, by teaching them the Catholic faith, and by helping us to become closer to God and his son Jesus.  

As the class of 2020, we are excited for the school year. We want to include a big thank you to the new 2019/2020  St. Augustine’s School Student Council officers:  Corey Coughlin as President, Lily Scampoli as Vice President, Andrew Matteo as Secretary, Harrison Rhodes as Treasurer, and our Social Committee. 

This year we want to make many memories with each other, and we hope everyone will have a great year meeting new people and participating in fun and educational activities. Make sure to follow our blog page to keep up with school news.

Have a great school year! 


Published by: Allison Groves and Isabel Isherwood




Kindergarten News

We asked Mrs. Phillips the following questions and these were her answers.

  1. What has Kindergarten learned this year and what are they learning right now?

We have learned how to live up to our motto “Kindergarten begins with Kind” by performing acts of kindness for our classmates. We will be doing a Rainbow Fish project to teach us even more about being a good friend.

2. Where are they going on their field trip? 

The Providence Children’s Museum

3. Do they have any projects coming up soon?

We will be working on a play called Get Set For A Pet that we will perform for the other early childhood grades.

4. What books are they reading right now?

I just finished reading the chapter book Lucy on the Loose by Ilene Cooper to the class. Now they will draw their favorite scene from the book.

5. What is kindergarten learning in math? 

Addition and subtraction, Mrs. Rufful was able to observe the class on our first day of adding.

Thank you Mrs. Phillips for taking the time to answer our questions.

Gabriella Paliotti & Gabriella Barreiro



Grade 3 News

We had asked the third grade teacher Ms. Morelli the following questions about the happenings in grade 3.

How has the school year been so far?

So far the school year has been wonderful in third grade. Once again, I am blessed with fabulous students and families that really help to make out community the best it can be. We have a lot of fun planned for Trimester three.

Are there any projects coming up?

Many students are excited for our “Who Was Project”. Each student has a month to read a “Who Was” biography book, create a costume and presentation as that person. All grades are then invited to walk through our living museum. Last year the project was a huge hit because students get to choose from over 100 people. One student chose to be Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel!

What have the students been learning in math?

We will be focusing on Math until the last days of school. For the remaining of the year, we will focus on measurements, geometry, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals.

What have the students been learning in Science?

I am so excited to start our final science unit “Life Science”. This will focus on plants and animals. In May, we will have a visitor come to our class bringing an incubator. For about a month, we will observe these chicks hatch and grow. In June, we will take a field trip to Casey Farm in South Kingstown to release the chickens, and learn about both marine and mammal life.

Thank you Ms. Morelli for answering our questions. We hope you have a good rest of the school year and achieve all your goals before the end of the year. Have a good summer.

Mazeo DiScullio and Nicolas Penta

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Grade 5 News

We had the privilege to ask Mrs. Pogorilich, the fifth grade teacher the following questions about grade 5.

What are your plans for a field trip this year?         

We are not sure yet, however last year we went to Arnold House in Lincoln.

What are you doing in math at this time?

 Grade five is subtracting mixed numbers with borrowing. Next we will be             moving on to multiplication and division of fractions.

Have the students been working on any projects?

In science we learned about the digestive system. Students chose a food and wrote a story about how it travels through the body. We recently participated in International Night which took place on April 3. The students worked in small groups and chose a country to study and present together.

Thank you for your time Mrs. Pogorilich and have a good rest of the year.


Nicholas Micheletti

Craig Scorpio    


W. Albert Martin, 2019 Distinguished Graduate

Students, Kiely and Cambria DeQuattro, Elyse Brassard and Lila Schaumburg from St. Augustine School, interviewed W. Albert Martin, the 2019 recipient of St. Augustine’s Distinguished Graduate Award. 

W.  Albert Martin was a member of St. Augustine’s first graduating class of 1955. When interviewed, he shared fond memories of Principal Sister Marie Edward and Pastor Reverend Thomas P. Gilfillan. The Sisters of Saint Ursula lived in the convent on Elmcrest Avenue and taught in the school. Mr. Martin developed a real sense of loving and caring from his school experience. With a smile, he shared his favorite things about school which were recess, lunch and winning the Blueberry Pie eating contest. He then admittedly said he liked math too. Students at that time had lunch sitting on the floor of what is now the kindergarten and pre-K classrooms. Students who lived close enough were allowed to go home for lunch. Mr. Martin had lunch at school since he lived about one mile from the school and walked home after school.  He developed good friendships, and strong family values He felt that the Sisters prepared him well for high school and the Catholic values that they instilled in him. One of the most important values that he learned from Sister Marie Edward is that: “There is no right way to do the wrong thing.” Mr. Martin continued his education at the University of Rhode Island earning a B.S. and MBA degrees, Bryant College earning a MST degree and a law degree from Suffolk University Law School. He has practiced law for forty years and has taught business law at URI and at Johnson and Wales where he was chairman of the Legal Studies Department.

Mr. Martin married Helene Forrest at Our Lady of Mercy Church in East Greenwich, Rhode Island in 1970. Their two children, Michelle and William, both attended St. Augustine School. Presently two of his grandchildren, Kiely and Cambria DeQuattro attend the school.

Mr. Martin’s advice to parents today contemplating enrolling their children in a Catholic school would be simply to “Just Do It.”  He realizes that families sacrifice to send their children to a Catholic school, but it is a good investment. His advice to students,” Do your classwork, homework, be respectful, and learn the Catholic values.

Mr. Martin has been giving back to the school and parish for the last 50 years. He has been actively involved in Catholic Charities and was Chairman of the St. Augustine School Finance Committee for ten years working closely with  Pastor Edward Egan concerning school, financial and legal issues .He was instrumental in introducing computer education to the curriculum for all grades in the mid 1980’s. He and his family continue to support the school, his wife Helene volunteers at the school and he volunteers reading to the early grades. He feels very strongly that “the school is the future parish”.  It is with great pride and gratitude that the St. Augustine School community recognize  W. Albert Martin as the 2019 Distinguished Graduate of St. Augustine School.

Grade 2 Classroom News

We were wondering what Mrs. Stover’s second grade classroom was up to, so we contacted her to ask a few questions and here is her response:

What is your next project you will be working on?

  1. The second graders recently made their First Penance and they are preparing for their First Communion to follow in May, This spring we will also begin getting familiar with the ‘Flat Stanley” book series and creating our very own Stanleys that we can send all around the world! It is a great way to learn about other states, countries, cultures and customs!

What plans do you have for your class field trip?

  1. For our field trip at the end of May, we will be visiting the Ecotarium in Worcester, Mass. It is a hands on science and nature exploration center. The kids will learn about animal habitats and adaptations and meet some very interesting creatures first hand. It is always a fun day!

What are your students learning in math?

  1. In Math, we have just gotten to the unit on money and telling time, two very important and practical everyday math skills. They will learn how to count change, determine if they have enough money to buy a given object and how to figure out the change they are owed. They will learn to add and subtract money amounts and use the previously learned skill of regrouping. In the unit on time, they will learn how to tell time both digitally and on an analog clock. They will learn about elapsed time and how to apply those skills in everyday situations.

Hope these answers are helpful to you. We are always very busy in second grade! Lots to learn!

Mrs. Stover

Well, it seems like second grade is having a great time. Thank you again Mrs. Stover for your time.

                                                                                        Angelo Fraielli and Isabella Correia


PreK 4 Classroom News


PreK 4 Q&A with Mrs. LaPlante

By: Brigid McGrath and Isabella Paliotti

  1. What has your class been working on?

We have been learning about teeth. We are doing an experiment with “egg teeth” which means we are leaving eggs in water, milk and soda to see what will happen to them. My class has loved doing this activity!

    2. What does your class plan on doing for a field trip?

My class has been planning on going to a nursing home to sing. We thought that would be a fun idea because we all love to sing!

  1. What kind of activities does your class like to do?

 Activities we have been doing in my class are; we love playing games, singing and listening to books. During space week we have been listening to some space stories. My class has really enjoyed that!

Thank you, Mrs. LaPlante for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope you have a great rest of the school year!




Bathroom Makeover!

I had the pleasure to interview Mrs. O’Rourke about the newly painted Pre-K girls bathroom. I asked about why they decided to do it, and she responded with, “The girls’ bathroom doesn’t get a lot of natural light so it tended to be a bit dark.  Mrs. LaPlante and I thought it could use a little sprucing up with brighter, newly painted walls.” I was curious on how they “recruited” a team to help give it a “makeover”. Her response was, “We sent out an email to the Pre-K parents asking for volunteers.  We were so pleased with the immediate and enthusiastic responses.” She informed me that eleven people in total helped out. They put a primer on the walls on Friday night, and then painted the final coat on Saturday.

     Mrs. O’Rourke wants to thank  all who took time out of their weekend to paint the bathroom: Mr. and Mrs. Rufful, Mr. Napoleon (our custodian), Ms. Dos Santos, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Lalanne, Mrs. Piccardi, Mrs. Schatz and Mrs. Feldman.  “We appreciate the time and energy that they put into this project” she said. She also wanted to say “The girls were very excited to see the newly painted bathroom. It’s much brighter and lighter.”

Christopher Sanders

What has 1st Grade been up to?

Q and A with Amy Brassard, First grade Teacher

Q:What are the projects that you have prepared for this year?

A: Writing:  On the 100th day of school, the students wrote a narrative which started, “When I am 100 years old.”  They were quite creative and enjoyable. They are hanging outside of the first grade along with a self-portrait of what they envision themselves to look like at age 100.  For Valentine’s Day, the students wrote an essay entitled, “My heart is full of…” in which they expressed four or more things they love! Finally, just after our snow day, the students wrote a story that started with, “If I lived in a snow globe, …” They have become very creative and skillful writers!

Math:  After learning their addition and subtraction facts, the students race each other in what we call, “M&M math,” in which the two finalists each get an M&M.  They have also raced each other to write the addition and subtraction problems in a fact family. The students love to compete in games, and we are using it to practice math concepts!

Social Studies:  In order to understand the inequality that is remembered on Martin Luther King, Jr. day, my students were split up into the “blue-eyed and brown-eyed” groups.  The blue eyed group was able to play and have free time, while the brown-eyed group had to do seat work and clean up the room. It stirred emotions and fostered some great discussion by the end.  

As the year moves on, we will learn about the various jobs in our community, and the students will dress up as their preferred occupation and get interviewed by their peers.  

Also, we continue to learn the names and some facts about the 50 states as we make our way across America by reading books aloud and moving an airplane across our map in the classroom.   

Science:  After hearing a lesson on dental hygiene from Dr. Rhodes, the students will continue to learn more about the human body and the purpose of different organs.  This will include learning about the food pyramid and creating a visual model of the various organs in their bodies.

Religion:   As the students learn about the liturgical seasons, we have focused on the mysteries of the rosary that tie in with each one.  For instance, during the Christmas season, we learned about the five joyful mysteries. We read the stories from the Bible highlighting each one, acted them out, and colored a picture of each that was put into their own “Rosary Book.”  Now, we are learning about the sorrowful mysteries and will move to the glorious ones after Easter. We make frequent visits to Church to learn more about the pictures shown there…either on the stained glass windows or around the crucifix.  

Q:What are your plans for future field trips?

A:We are headed on a field trip Friday, March 15, to see Wizard of Oz at McVinney auditorium.  This will be performed by the drama students from St. Pius V school. It will be an enjoyable experience!

Thank you for your time Mrs. Brassard.  We hope that you and your students have a great rest of the year.


John Benitez and Julien Benevides

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