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Interview Questions for Mrs. O’Rourke

Dear Mrs. O’Rourke,

We are Greta Heitmueller and Sonya Cheteyan. We are eighth graders responsible for this blog, and we wanted to ask your some questions.

Answer: It is so wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.  Mrs. o’Rourke


Question: How do you like Saint Augustine’s so far?

Answer: I love being at Saint Augustine School! There are so many great qualities about our school, but a few stand out to me. I love that it is a faith-filled community that lives out its faith by helping others. I love that there is so much for the students to do; so many activities that bring families together, especially through the Home & School Connection. I love the pride that runs deep within the school community and beyond. I love the warm and welcoming community.

Question: What is favorite thing about working with younger children?

Answer: My favorite thing about working with the younger students is that every day is a new adventure! They are so enthusiastic about everything, and they are learning so many new things every day.

Question: How long have you been teaching? Where else have you taught?

Answer: This is my twelfth year of teaching. My last teaching position was at Monsignor Gadoury Catholic School in a Pre-K 4 classroom.

Question: What is your favorite color?

Answer: My favorite color is purple.


Thank you very much.

Greta and Sonya.


Mrs. Corsini

Question: Is Saint Augustine School  different from the first year you taught here?

Answer: The names and faces are different, but the school spirit is the same.


Question: Why did you send all three of your kids to Saint Augustines?

Answer: I sent all my kids to St. Augustine’s School because it felt like home. There was a wonderful family atmosphere here, and I knew my kids would receive an excellent education.


Question: Is being a middle school teacher different from being a high school teacher?

Answer: High school teachers prepare students for college. Middle school teachers prepare students for high school.


Question: When did you realize that you wanted to major in English?

Answer: I decided to major in English when I was a sophomore in high school. An awesome teacher encouraged me to write and enter contests.


Question: Do you feel as though your students are like your children?

Answer: Of course. I want the best for my students, and I want them to work to their potential.


 By: Meah Piscopiello and Alyssa DiBiasio

Ms. Morelli: 3rd Grade Teacher


Hi Ms. Morelli! This is Aidan Manion from the 8th Grade! I would like to do an interview with you since you are a new teacher. This interview will be featured on the 8th Grade Blog. The 8th Grade Blog is a blogging website on WordPress for current and future 8th Graders. Here are some questions I would like to ask you! After this interview is published, you can check out the interview on the blog and follow us as well!

Q1: When you heard about a new job opening for a third grade teacher at St. Augustine School, what was your first thought on it?

Last spring I was on the Diocese’s website and stumbled upon a

few openings at catholic schools. As everyone should do, I did my research and thought St. Augustine’s would be a strong fit for me. Everyone I would talk to had glowing things to say about the parish and the community. More importantly the school’s mission in character, knowledge, and faith is something that spoke to me. I believe school is a place for the student to grow into strong helpful members of society, and this school sets the students up for that success!

Q2: Which college or university did you attend?

I attended the University of Rhode Island where I received an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, and another in Theatre. Originally I was a Public Relations major but after doing four hundred hours of community service with a development center through Americorps Jumpstart, I knew my calling was in the classroom.

Q3: How do you feel about your new job and how are you going to carry that motivation going forward?

I am very blessed to be the third grade teacher here at St. Augustine’s. My fellow staff members are incredibly welcoming and supportive. I feel I am growing into a stronger teacher, and person everyday. Like any job, it comes with its harder days. Yet, the reward I receive everyday by being able to help my amazing students grow into passionate intelligent catholics is unmeasurably positive.

Q4: How do you feel about your students?

This is the easiest question of all. These students are incredibly special. Every single one is wonderful. Third grade is such a unique time in development where students are going from learning to read, to reading to learn about the world. Being able to experience the magic of knowledge and faith with such kind hearted students is an honor.

Q5: Were you teacher before? If not, did you have a different job before?

I was a teacher before this. I worked at an urban charter school in northern Rhode Island. Prior to that I was in college and did many different jobs. I subbed for Warwick Schools. I was a teacher’s assistant a college course in Theatre, as well as to a course to Freshmen adapting to college life. I spent time in the classroom and tutored in South Kingstown. I worked as a teacher assistant in North Kingstown at a development center. I also worked in the University of Rhode Island costume shop, sewing for their theatre productions! My best advice for anyone who has a career goal is to get as much as experience volunteering as you can prior.

Hope this helped!
In Peace,
Ms. Morelli

Interview with Mr. Cola

Question : What was your experience like at St. Augustine when you attended the school?

Answer: I really liked St. Augustine school when I was a student here. I was a member of the cross country, track and field, and basketball teams. I was a member of the student council, art club, and was on the school newspaper. My favorite class was social studies with Mrs. Styborski. The last time that NEASC was here, I was in the 8th grade, so that’s really funny.

Question: Are you excited for the future of your teaching career here at St Augustine?

Answer: I am very excited about my future here at St. A’s, but I try to take one day at a time. I am enjoying my time here and am looking forward to what is to come. I am most looking forward to Spirit week.


Question: How does it feel to teach for your old school?

Answer: It felt very weird at first, almost like I had stepped into a time machine and went back in time. To even have my 5th grade, Mr. Brassard as principal is interesting too. However, once I settled in and got used to things, I felt right at home just like I always have here.

Interview by Jackson Stepanian and Peter LeBeau


Good Deeds – September and October

St. Augustine School is well known for performing good deeds.  In our mission statement, we focus on being compassionate members of society.  The meaning of compassion is showing others that you care for them and want to help them.  As a Catholic School we strive to help others.  

To kick off the School year, we held a fundraiser for Fruit Hill Day Center for the Elderly. Because of the generosity of our St. Augustine family, we raised over $1,000!  This money goes to the activities that the elderly participate in as well as some supplies they use.  We love to see the donations help local organizations thrive in our community!

Our second fundraiser of the year was Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  Because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, this fundraiser was special.  By donating a minimum of $1.00,  students received a pink dress down.  We raised $900 and helped to raise awareness about the early detection of the disease.  This fundraiser would not have been possible without Mrs. Vescera, our art teacher who is a breast cancer survivor.  Many of us have relatives that have been affected by this type of cancer. We keep all of them in our prayers. 

As the Thanksgiving season comes around, we’ll be getting ready for our annual Thanksgiving baskets.  We enjoy doing fundraisers that help others in need.  We hope we are creating an example for others to do good deeds as well.

By: Shea Rhodes and Danielle Verrecchia

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Welcome Back to 2017-2018

Representing the class of 2018, we would like to welcome everyone back to the 2017-2018 school year. We also wish to give a warm greeting to the new Pre-K 3 children, new students and the new teachers in our school. It’s our hope that everyone has a great school year.

This year, students will grow spiritually by learning about the Way, the Truth, and the Life of Christ. They will grow intellectually and expand their minds with our teachers thoughtful insight. With God’s help along with the St. Augustine community, they will become a well rounded individual with strong character, knowledge, and faith. 

As the class of 2018, we are all looking forward to the new school year and the memories that we will make together. As the editors of the school blog, we will be posting regularly along with our classmates about the events and the extracurricular activities in our school . Be sure to follow our page to receive email notifications whenever we post. We wish everyone the best during this new school year!

God Bless.

Your 2017/2018 editors,

Lindsey Frisina, Danielle Verrecchia, Evan Murray, and Noah Perullo

Final Blog – Class of 2017

     Sadly, the end of the 2016-2017 St. Augustine School year is coming to a close. With all of the end of the year activities the eighth graders have been extremely busy with preparations for our exams and other activities. With the hustle and bustle of school life for all of the students, we are sure everyone is beginning to become wrapped up in this very bitter-sweet part of the school year.

     As eighth graders, we have created many memories during our time here at St. Augustine School. From the thrilling experience of our many sports and extracurricular activities, to the loving nature of all our teachers, our time here will surely not be forgotten. Our faith and strong religious teachings have taught us new and great things each and every day. We will continue to use the great amount of teachings and religious lessons in our future years away from this school. To quote a passage from our very inspiring mission statement, “They will become well-rounded individuals with strong character, knowledge, and faith.” St. Augustine’s has taught us strong morals and to be humble and kind toward others. The school has made a large impact on our hard working and devoted minds. Our time here has given us a much stronger knowledge of our faith and its teachings, as well as informing us the greatest life lessons. It is very important to us that all of our studies here will help us be successful in our future schools and in life.

     We have also made so many wonderful friendships. The bonds that each of us has created with our classmates is a strong religious based friendship that is sure to be stretched farther into the future. We have had such an amazing experience with writing and editing blogs for our eighth grade school year. With the help of our fellow peers, we feel that the blog has been extremely successful with informing our community about school events in a fun and, hopefully, entertaining way. It is sad for us that we must leave St. Augustine’s and the fun and rewarding activities that it has to offer.

     It is now time for us to pass the job of blog editing over to a few of our seventh graders. Evan Murray, Lindsey Frisina, Noah Perullo, and Danielle Verrecchia have been chosen to take over our job. The class of 2018 will be the third class to participate in the blog and we entrust to all of them the responsibilities that we were handed to us by the eighth grade class of 2015-2016. We wish them the greatest of luck blogging.

     Summing the year up, we have grown spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally with everything that we have participated in or learned about. Our bonds have become stronger, our faith has become larger, and our minds have been expanded in all the right directions. As eighth graders we hope to always look back on our time here with reverence and gratitude toward our teachers, friends, and lessons learned.


By: Rachel Smith and Abby Shea

Mrs. Shawver’s Retirement


Mrs. Shawver’s time here at St. Augustine School has included great teaching, laughter, and love for all of the students and teachers around her. She has bonded with her many students and has given them a beautiful sense of accomplishment and family-like camaraderie. She never ceases to fill a room with laughter and jokes.

Mrs. Shawver began teaching at St. Augustine School in 2005. During her time spent here, she has made an enormous impact on the students that have been lucky enough to be a part of her fourth grade class. She is constantly encouraging her students to strive for excellence and to be kind  towards others. Mrs. Shawver loves to bring joy and positivity to her class. She creates fun projects for the students to enjoy,

As students of her fourth grade class during the year 2012-2013, we were lucky enough to experience Mrs. Shawver’s fun and innovating teaching. When we think back to those good old days, we remember the times when Mrs. Shawver would toss around her foam apple to each of us as a way of giving us a turn to read. We have made so many lasting memories like reading Hatchet and trying to make up titles for the chapters. We also wrote weekly journals with many creative themes. One of the most memorable projects that Mrs. Shawver let us create was the marshmallow and toothpick tower project. We were all put into individual groups and assigned to create tall towers exclusively using toothpicks and large marshmallows.

As Mrs. Shawver wraps up her time here at St. Augustine School we are sure she will be enjoying her time with her last fourth grade class. On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students we wish Mrs. Shawver a happy, relaxing, and content retirement. We hope that she will be able to look back at her time here at St. Augustine’s with fond memories and fun experiences as she enters another chapter of her life.

Rachel Smith and Abby Shea

Header Picture: The class of 2017

Slide Show- Mrs. Shawver’s 2016-17 4th Grade Class

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8th Grade Class Trip

Tuesday, May 23, 2017, was our eighth grade field trip. We attended Holiday Hill; a resort located in Prospect, Connecticut where there were many fun activities to participate in. Our class heartily enjoyed their time spent on the trip.

To begin with, we took a two hour bus ride down to the resort. The ride was carried out through an Academy bus, which was a luxury for us to say the least. We enjoyed free wifi, charging portals, plush seats, and air conditioning on the trip down and back. The rides were filled with laughter, great snacks, and beautiful scenery.

When we arrived we were greeted with very kind workers. There were also many other schools who joined us at Holiday Hill to enjoy the fun festivities. The grounds were huge and there were so many activities to doing like swimming, kayaking, multiple different sports options, and many other interests. There were also neat things to do like airbrush tattoos and a lip sync contest. Many of us challenged each other in ping pong matches in the small underground game room located right next to the pool. One of our favorite pass times was the diving board. We tried so many laughable and cool jumps/dives to impress each other as well as get cool pictures courtesy of Mr. Vacca!

The entire resort was all inclusive. There was an entire room dedicated to different types of food. There was a cookout around lunch time where hamburgers and hotdogs were put on the grill and after lunch we were served cake and brownies. Throughout the day you could pick up ice cream bars from the food truck, cotton candy from the small outside store, and could frequent the soft drink machines located around the campus as much as you’d like.

On the way back home, the bus stopped at a rest stop for us to eat dinner. In the rest stop there was a Mcdonald’s, a Dunkin’ Donuts, and a Subway. Most of the class chose to eat from the Mcdonald’s and we sat in the rest stop to enjoy tasty food and great company. When most of us had finished our meals, someone discovered two large massage chairs in the corner of the building. We all took turns sitting in the chair and indulged in an extremely relaxing experience after our long day of running around and having a blast.

Over all, our eighth grade trip was probably the best trip that we’ve ever known from St. Augustine’s. We have created so many great memories out of that one awesome, fun-filled day that will hopefully stick with us as fond experiences to look back on. We hope that next year’s eighth grade class, and all of the classes to come, will have just as much fun as we did!

             Rachel Smith and Abby Shea

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