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Young Authors’ Workshop

Young Authors’ Workshop


     Students in Kindergarten through grade eight recently attended an assembly, The Young Authors’ Workshop. The presentation began with a performance by a mime named Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones started to mime at age ten, and still continues to this day. Many mimes usually have an all white painted face, but Mrs. Jones face was painted half white. She performed a couple of scenes to impress us, and I think all the students were surprised and very happy.

     At the end of her presentation Mrs. Jones gave a fun assignment, to write our own story. This assignment was designed to help us with writing a quick, decent story. She explained the story should have a person, place, problem and solution. Mrs. Jones then stopped by every classroom, explaining about mimes, why she started, and helped the students as they were writing. The students were working very hard in their groups, and having fun too.

     When all the students handed in their amazing stories, she picked one winner from each grade. Afterwards, we all went back into the gymnasium and Mrs. Jones read the winning stories and then performed them through miming. All the stories were beautifully written and very funny as she was acting them out.  The students did an excellent job, and had a great time writing them. 

We would like to thank Home and School for providing students with this educational and fun activity.

                                             Ella Pierre-Louis and Braeden Cabral 

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Grandparents Day

 Grandparents Day 

     Grandparent’s Day at St. Augustine’s is a special day. The day starts off with grandparents coming to Mass and participating in it with their grandchildren. After Mass, the grandparents are invited back to the school for donuts and coffee. Then they are welcome to walk down the hallways and explore the school. The grandparents also get an opportunity to talk to their grandchild’s teachers and learn about what they are doing.   

     Grandparents play an important role in our lives. Between dropping us off and picking us up from school, to attending our sport events, they support us in all we do. Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts and teach us many life lessons. 

     Thank you, grandparents, for all you do.

                                                                 Madison Catanzaro  Tamara Lopatosky 



Tennis Team News



Saint Augustine’s School has a wide variety of sports, one of them being tennis. The tennis team is composed of 10 players and 2 coaches. The team is made up of mostly eight graders. Coach Tim Coffey has been coaching tennis for 5 years and Coach Alex Perullo has been coaching for 3 years. The tennis team practices on Saturday mornings at Stephen Olney Park and their games are usually held on weekdays. The season lasts about 3 months, beginning in August and ending in October. The tennis team did well during the 2019 season. They came in second place in the state and received a runner up plaque.

Thank you for reading.


                                 -Zennia Sam, Jacob Weidinger, Samuel Dempsey  


Mrs. Scaramuzzo’s Interview

Did you Major in education in college, if not what was your major?

I originally began my college career wanting to become a math teacher, but then my ideas changed to major in history and science.

If you weren’t teaching, is there another career you would choose?

This would be tough since I always wanted to be a teacher at a young age. If I had choose another profession I guess I would choose owing my own coffee shop. Granted I would be drinking more coffee than selling it but it would be well worth it!

What was your first job as an educator?

I started with long term positions in North Providence, then was hired at Blessed Sacrament School as a Middle School Teacher.

What’s your definition of a great teacher?

A great teacher who enjoys what he or she does everyday. Coming to school to help each student grow and strive in everything they do.

What kind of hobbies do you enjoy during your free time?

My free time is primarily spending time with my husband Mike and my two daughters Isabella and Lucia. I do enjoy watching football as well, especially the best team, the New England Patriots!

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope you have a great school year.

Victoriaa Santos and Natalie Biah









Interview with Mrs. Cherio-Grade 3

  • What inspired you to be a teacher?
From when I can remember, I have always wanted to teach. I had many great role models at Saint Augustine’s, and they all inspired me to follow my dream of becoming a teacher.
  • Where did you work before?
I taught English, Religion, and Vocabulary at Saint Cecilia School.
  • Do you have any hobbies?
Outside of school, I spend all of my time with my two daughters and family.
  • Who is your favorite author?
C.S. Lewis
  • What college did you go to?
Rhode Island College
  • What’s your favorite subject?
  • What’s your favorite movie?
It’s hard to narrow it to one, but I would say the Wizard of Oz.
Thank You Mrs. Cherio for taking the time to answer the questions.
Andrew Mendes & Logan Slezak

Welcome Back!


The class of 2020, would like to welcome back all students, faculty, and staff for the 2019/2020 school year. We also give a warm welcome to our new teachers:  Mrs. Scaramuzzo, Mrs. Micheletti, Mrs. Chiero, and Ms. Fox.

We hope all of our students will grow in faith and knowledge with the help and guidance from all of our teachers. We want to thank Mrs. Rufful, Fr. Forcier, Fr. Brice, and Sr. Dorothy for helping our students grow in spirituality, by teaching them the Catholic faith, and by helping us to become closer to God and his son Jesus.  

As the class of 2020, we are excited for the school year. We want to include a big thank you to the new 2019/2020  St. Augustine’s School Student Council officers:  Corey Coughlin as President, Lily Scampoli as Vice President, Andrew Matteo as Secretary, Harrison Rhodes as Treasurer, and our Social Committee. 

This year we want to make many memories with each other, and we hope everyone will have a great year meeting new people and participating in fun and educational activities. Make sure to follow our blog page to keep up with school news.

Have a great school year! 


Published by: Allison Groves and Isabel Isherwood



Kindergarten News

We asked Mrs. Phillips the following questions and these were her answers.

  1. What has Kindergarten learned this year and what are they learning right now?

We have learned how to live up to our motto “Kindergarten begins with Kind” by performing acts of kindness for our classmates. We will be doing a Rainbow Fish project to teach us even more about being a good friend.

2. Where are they going on their field trip? 

The Providence Children’s Museum

3. Do they have any projects coming up soon?

We will be working on a play called Get Set For A Pet that we will perform for the other early childhood grades.

4. What books are they reading right now?

I just finished reading the chapter book Lucy on the Loose by Ilene Cooper to the class. Now they will draw their favorite scene from the book.

5. What is kindergarten learning in math? 

Addition and subtraction, Mrs. Rufful was able to observe the class on our first day of adding.

Thank you Mrs. Phillips for taking the time to answer our questions.

Gabriella Paliotti & Gabriella Barreiro



Grade 3 News

We had asked the third grade teacher Ms. Morelli the following questions about the happenings in grade 3.

How has the school year been so far?

So far the school year has been wonderful in third grade. Once again, I am blessed with fabulous students and families that really help to make out community the best it can be. We have a lot of fun planned for Trimester three.

Are there any projects coming up?

Many students are excited for our “Who Was Project”. Each student has a month to read a “Who Was” biography book, create a costume and presentation as that person. All grades are then invited to walk through our living museum. Last year the project was a huge hit because students get to choose from over 100 people. One student chose to be Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel!

What have the students been learning in math?

We will be focusing on Math until the last days of school. For the remaining of the year, we will focus on measurements, geometry, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals.

What have the students been learning in Science?

I am so excited to start our final science unit “Life Science”. This will focus on plants and animals. In May, we will have a visitor come to our class bringing an incubator. For about a month, we will observe these chicks hatch and grow. In June, we will take a field trip to Casey Farm in South Kingstown to release the chickens, and learn about both marine and mammal life.

Thank you Ms. Morelli for answering our questions. We hope you have a good rest of the school year and achieve all your goals before the end of the year. Have a good summer.

Mazeo DiScullio and Nicolas Penta

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Grade 5 News

We had the privilege to ask Mrs. Pogorilich, the fifth grade teacher the following questions about grade 5.

What are your plans for a field trip this year?         

We are not sure yet, however last year we went to Arnold House in Lincoln.

What are you doing in math at this time?

 Grade five is subtracting mixed numbers with borrowing. Next we will be             moving on to multiplication and division of fractions.

Have the students been working on any projects?

In science we learned about the digestive system. Students chose a food and wrote a story about how it travels through the body. We recently participated in International Night which took place on April 3. The students worked in small groups and chose a country to study and present together.

Thank you for your time Mrs. Pogorilich and have a good rest of the year.


Nicholas Micheletti

Craig Scorpio    


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