Maintained by 8th Grade – Editors: Noah Perullo, Lindsey Frisina, Evan Murray, and Danielle Verrechia

Spelling Bee

Congratulations! To our annual spelling bee participants for making it this far. Joshua Greenberg in seventh grade and Stephen Buco in grade four will be representing our school in the Diocesan Spelling Bee. They will be going on Thursday, February 1, 2018, to St. Mary’s in Cranston. Congratulations to both Josh and Stephen, and also to our runner up, seventh grader, Gabriella Paliotti. We had a chance to interview them and we ask them some questions.

Question 1: Were you nervous being in front all the students?

Stephen: Yes, I was very nervous about being in front of the students because I was one of the youngest kids. I got very excited when there were about four people left.

Gabby: I wasn’t really that nervous because I do dance  team and I go in front of the students all the time.

Josh: I wasn’t nervous at all, because I do drama club and I love talking in front of a crowd.

Question 2: How do you feel about going to states?

Stephen: I am very excited to go, but also nervous because I feel there might be students better than me.

Gabby: I really hope I get to go to states, but if I do I will be very nervous.

Josh: I have never been to states, so I am happy to go.

Question 3: What was one of the hardest words you had to spell?

Stephen: The hardest word was probably necessary, because Josh and I both spelled it wrong.

Gabby:  The hardest word was probably the one I got out on, that word was easel.

Josh: The hardest word for me was leotard I forgot the ”r” in leotard.

Best of luck to all the contestants!

Natasha Biah, Elizabeth Malloy and Allie Duva





Merry Christmas

The Saint Augustine school community would like to wish everyone’s family a very Merry Christmas. We hope everyone remembers the true meaning of Christmas, which is Jesus’s birth. Christmas is commemorated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and the many miracles that embody it. Our school has been celebrating Advent. Every week during morning prayer an 8th grader and their reading partner light a candle on the Advent wreath.

Our School  held two Christmas concerts. One for Pre-K through second grade, which included a Nativity Play by the second grade class. The other concert was performed by third through eighth grade. This wonderful event included glee club, band, dance team, drama club,  and choir. It was festive, lively, and so much fun!

Our school also contributed to charity works during the month of December. We held a school wide coat drive for the needy for Saint Edwards, over 180 coats were donated. Pre-K 3 through Grade 2 donated toiletries and children’s winter clothing to St. Edwards. Grades 3-8 gathered similar items to fill Christmas gift bags for the Mary House.

On behalf of the eighth grade class we hope you enjoy your vacation, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

                                                  Kirsten Cruz and Tayla Leahy

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Interview with Father Bryce

Question: Where did you grow up?

Answer: I grew up for most of my life in Haiti. I even went to part of college there studying computer science. I love math so much. Living there is still one of the best experiences of my life.

Question: How is your current experience at  St. Augustine’s?

Answer: Parish ministry at St. A’s has been rewarding, instructive, humbling, exciting, and even a bit adventurous because I am doing everything for the very first time. Of course, it is said that the  first assignment of a priest shapes  him into the kind of priest he will become. Since I enjoyed my first six months as a priest at St. Augustine’s, I guess I am up for an exciting future. The parishioners are among the highlights of the assignment. They are kind, receptive, generous, and supportive. I could not have asked for a better assignment.

Question: What is your favorite thing about this school?

Answer: My favorite thing about the school is definitely the students. I enjoy playing with the students during recess; whether it is a first grader chasing me around in the parking lot, or playing football with the boys, or just kicking ball with anyone interested, I always have a great time. Also, I find a lot of joy  when students are enthused about asking or answering questions in my classes.

Question: What is one of your favorite things to do in your free time?

Answer:  I make sure I stop home to see my mom on my day off. She enjoys seeing me and I don’t want to rob her of that. I get together with friends for bowling or a movie, or just a simple dinner about once a month. It is also the time to catch up on reading, believe it or not I am still a student. I always make time to watch some part of the game on Sunday or catching up on soccer news around the world. I am soccer crazy, not good!

Question: How long have you been a priest?

Answer: I have been a priest for six months. I guess that makes me a baby priest!

By: Joseph Santa Cruz


Happy Thanksgiving

As the Holiday season approaches, the faculty, staff, and students at Saint Augustine School have been gathering donations for the upcoming Thanksgiving baskets. Every student in grades Pre-K – 8 is asked to make a donation of at least a dollar to help assist a family less fortunate than ours from our parish. These donations will be put towards a gift certificate for a Thanksgiving turkey.

The students were also given a list of foods to help those who are in need this Thanksgiving season. Students were encouraged to bring in two or three items for the baskets. Some of these items are gravy, stuffing, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, canned vegetables, and crackers and cookies. Because of the generous donations by students and families the school was able to provide Thanksgiving baskets to eight families. We also had additional food that will be donated to local food banks.

On behalf of the Saint Augustine 8th grade and all of Saint Augustine School, we would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that you will recognize that God has given you all of the blessings that make your life so special. 

Noah Perullo, Linsey Frisina and Danielle Verrecchia

Slide show also includes pictures from the Thanksgiving Prayer Service.


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Interview Questions for Mrs. O’Rourke

Dear Mrs. O’Rourke,

We are Greta Heitmueller and Sonya Cheteyan. We are eighth graders responsible for this blog, and we wanted to ask your some questions.

Answer: It is so wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.  Mrs. o’Rourke


Question: How do you like Saint Augustine’s so far?

Answer: I love being at Saint Augustine School! There are so many great qualities about our school, but a few stand out to me. I love that it is a faith-filled community that lives out its faith by helping others. I love that there is so much for the students to do; so many activities that bring families together, especially through the Home & School Connection. I love the pride that runs deep within the school community and beyond. I love the warm and welcoming community.

Question: What is favorite thing about working with younger children?

Answer: My favorite thing about working with the younger students is that every day is a new adventure! They are so enthusiastic about everything, and they are learning so many new things every day.

Question: How long have you been teaching? Where else have you taught?

Answer: This is my twelfth year of teaching. My last teaching position was at Monsignor Gadoury Catholic School in a Pre-K 4 classroom.

Question: What is your favorite color?

Answer: My favorite color is purple.


Thank you very much.

Greta and Sonya.

Mrs. Corsini

Question: Is Saint Augustine School  different from the first year you taught here?

Answer: The names and faces are different, but the school spirit is the same.


Question: Why did you send all three of your kids to Saint Augustines?

Answer: I sent all my kids to St. Augustine’s School because it felt like home. There was a wonderful family atmosphere here, and I knew my kids would receive an excellent education.


Question: Is being a middle school teacher different from being a high school teacher?

Answer: High school teachers prepare students for college. Middle school teachers prepare students for high school.


Question: When did you realize that you wanted to major in English?

Answer: I decided to major in English when I was a sophomore in high school. An awesome teacher encouraged me to write and enter contests.


Question: Do you feel as though your students are like your children?

Answer: Of course. I want the best for my students, and I want them to work to their potential.


 By: Meah Piscopiello and Alyssa DiBiasio

Ms. Morelli: 3rd Grade Teacher


Hi Ms. Morelli! This is Aidan Manion from the 8th Grade! I would like to do an interview with you since you are a new teacher. This interview will be featured on the 8th Grade Blog. The 8th Grade Blog is a blogging website on WordPress for current and future 8th Graders. Here are some questions I would like to ask you! After this interview is published, you can check out the interview on the blog and follow us as well!

Q1: When you heard about a new job opening for a third grade teacher at St. Augustine School, what was your first thought on it?

Last spring I was on the Diocese’s website and stumbled upon a

few openings at catholic schools. As everyone should do, I did my research and thought St. Augustine’s would be a strong fit for me. Everyone I would talk to had glowing things to say about the parish and the community. More importantly the school’s mission in character, knowledge, and faith is something that spoke to me. I believe school is a place for the student to grow into strong helpful members of society, and this school sets the students up for that success!

Q2: Which college or university did you attend?

I attended the University of Rhode Island where I received an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, and another in Theatre. Originally I was a Public Relations major but after doing four hundred hours of community service with a development center through Americorps Jumpstart, I knew my calling was in the classroom.

Q3: How do you feel about your new job and how are you going to carry that motivation going forward?

I am very blessed to be the third grade teacher here at St. Augustine’s. My fellow staff members are incredibly welcoming and supportive. I feel I am growing into a stronger teacher, and person everyday. Like any job, it comes with its harder days. Yet, the reward I receive everyday by being able to help my amazing students grow into passionate intelligent catholics is unmeasurably positive.

Q4: How do you feel about your students?

This is the easiest question of all. These students are incredibly special. Every single one is wonderful. Third grade is such a unique time in development where students are going from learning to read, to reading to learn about the world. Being able to experience the magic of knowledge and faith with such kind hearted students is an honor.

Q5: Were you teacher before? If not, did you have a different job before?

I was a teacher before this. I worked at an urban charter school in northern Rhode Island. Prior to that I was in college and did many different jobs. I subbed for Warwick Schools. I was a teacher’s assistant a college course in Theatre, as well as to a course to Freshmen adapting to college life. I spent time in the classroom and tutored in South Kingstown. I worked as a teacher assistant in North Kingstown at a development center. I also worked in the University of Rhode Island costume shop, sewing for their theatre productions! My best advice for anyone who has a career goal is to get as much as experience volunteering as you can prior.

Hope this helped!
In Peace,
Ms. Morelli

Interview with Mr. Cola

Question : What was your experience like at St. Augustine when you attended the school?

Answer: I really liked St. Augustine school when I was a student here. I was a member of the cross country, track and field, and basketball teams. I was a member of the student council, art club, and was on the school newspaper. My favorite class was social studies with Mrs. Styborski. The last time that NEASC was here, I was in the 8th grade, so that’s really funny.

Question: Are you excited for the future of your teaching career here at St Augustine?

Answer: I am very excited about my future here at St. A’s, but I try to take one day at a time. I am enjoying my time here and am looking forward to what is to come. I am most looking forward to Spirit week.


Question: How does it feel to teach for your old school?

Answer: It felt very weird at first, almost like I had stepped into a time machine and went back in time. To even have my 5th grade, Mr. Brassard as principal is interesting too. However, once I settled in and got used to things, I felt right at home just like I always have here.

Interview by Jackson Stepanian and Peter LeBeau


Good Deeds – September and October

St. Augustine School is well known for performing good deeds.  In our mission statement, we focus on being compassionate members of society.  The meaning of compassion is showing others that you care for them and want to help them.  As a Catholic School we strive to help others.  

To kick off the School year, we held a fundraiser for Fruit Hill Day Center for the Elderly. Because of the generosity of our St. Augustine family, we raised over $1,000!  This money goes to the activities that the elderly participate in as well as some supplies they use.  We love to see the donations help local organizations thrive in our community!

Our second fundraiser of the year was Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  Because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, this fundraiser was special.  By donating a minimum of $1.00,  students received a pink dress down.  We raised $900 and helped to raise awareness about the early detection of the disease.  This fundraiser would not have been possible without Mrs. Vescera, our art teacher who is a breast cancer survivor.  Many of us have relatives that have been affected by this type of cancer. We keep all of them in our prayers. 

As the Thanksgiving season comes around, we’ll be getting ready for our annual Thanksgiving baskets.  We enjoy doing fundraisers that help others in need.  We hope we are creating an example for others to do good deeds as well.

By: Shea Rhodes and Danielle Verrecchia

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