Maintained by 8th Grade – Editors: Noah Perullo, Lindsey Frisina, Evan Murray, and Danielle Verrechia

Welcome Back to 2017-2018

Representing the class of 2018, we would like to welcome everyone back to the 2017-2018 school year. We also wish to give a warm greeting to the new Pre-K 3 children, new students and the new teachers in our school. It’s our hope that everyone has a great school year.

This year, students will grow spiritually by learning about the Way, the Truth, and the Life of Christ. They will grow intellectually and expand their minds with our teachers thoughtful insight. With God’s help along with the St. Augustine community, they will become a well rounded individual with strong character, knowledge, and faith. 

As the class of 2018, we are all looking forward to the new school year and the memories that we will make together. As the editors of the school blog, we will be posting regularly along with our classmates about the events and the extracurricular activities in our school . Be sure to follow our page to receive email notifications whenever we post. We wish everyone the best during this new school year!

God Bless.

Your 2017/2018 editors,

Lindsey Frisina, Danielle Verrecchia, Evan Murray, and Noah Perullo


Final Blog – Class of 2017

     Sadly, the end of the 2016-2017 St. Augustine School year is coming to a close. With all of the end of the year activities the eighth graders have been extremely busy with preparations for our exams and other activities. With the hustle and bustle of school life for all of the students, we are sure everyone is beginning to become wrapped up in this very bitter-sweet part of the school year.

     As eighth graders, we have created many memories during our time here at St. Augustine School. From the thrilling experience of our many sports and extracurricular activities, to the loving nature of all our teachers, our time here will surely not be forgotten. Our faith and strong religious teachings have taught us new and great things each and every day. We will continue to use the great amount of teachings and religious lessons in our future years away from this school. To quote a passage from our very inspiring mission statement, “They will become well-rounded individuals with strong character, knowledge, and faith.” St. Augustine’s has taught us strong morals and to be humble and kind toward others. The school has made a large impact on our hard working and devoted minds. Our time here has given us a much stronger knowledge of our faith and its teachings, as well as informing us the greatest life lessons. It is very important to us that all of our studies here will help us be successful in our future schools and in life.

     We have also made so many wonderful friendships. The bonds that each of us has created with our classmates is a strong religious based friendship that is sure to be stretched farther into the future. We have had such an amazing experience with writing and editing blogs for our eighth grade school year. With the help of our fellow peers, we feel that the blog has been extremely successful with informing our community about school events in a fun and, hopefully, entertaining way. It is sad for us that we must leave St. Augustine’s and the fun and rewarding activities that it has to offer.

     It is now time for us to pass the job of blog editing over to a few of our seventh graders. Evan Murray, Lindsey Frisina, Noah Perullo, and Danielle Verrecchia have been chosen to take over our job. The class of 2018 will be the third class to participate in the blog and we entrust to all of them the responsibilities that we were handed to us by the eighth grade class of 2015-2016. We wish them the greatest of luck blogging.

     Summing the year up, we have grown spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally with everything that we have participated in or learned about. Our bonds have become stronger, our faith has become larger, and our minds have been expanded in all the right directions. As eighth graders we hope to always look back on our time here with reverence and gratitude toward our teachers, friends, and lessons learned.


By: Rachel Smith and Abby Shea

Mrs. Shawver’s Retirement


Mrs. Shawver’s time here at St. Augustine School has included great teaching, laughter, and love for all of the students and teachers around her. She has bonded with her many students and has given them a beautiful sense of accomplishment and family-like camaraderie. She never ceases to fill a room with laughter and jokes.

Mrs. Shawver began teaching at St. Augustine School in 2005. During her time spent here, she has made an enormous impact on the students that have been lucky enough to be a part of her fourth grade class. She is constantly encouraging her students to strive for excellence and to be kind  towards others. Mrs. Shawver loves to bring joy and positivity to her class. She creates fun projects for the students to enjoy,

As students of her fourth grade class during the year 2012-2013, we were lucky enough to experience Mrs. Shawver’s fun and innovating teaching. When we think back to those good old days, we remember the times when Mrs. Shawver would toss around her foam apple to each of us as a way of giving us a turn to read. We have made so many lasting memories like reading Hatchet and trying to make up titles for the chapters. We also wrote weekly journals with many creative themes. One of the most memorable projects that Mrs. Shawver let us create was the marshmallow and toothpick tower project. We were all put into individual groups and assigned to create tall towers exclusively using toothpicks and large marshmallows.

As Mrs. Shawver wraps up her time here at St. Augustine School we are sure she will be enjoying her time with her last fourth grade class. On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students we wish Mrs. Shawver a happy, relaxing, and content retirement. We hope that she will be able to look back at her time here at St. Augustine’s with fond memories and fun experiences as she enters another chapter of her life.

Rachel Smith and Abby Shea

Header Picture: The class of 2017

Slide Show- Mrs. Shawver’s 2016-17 4th Grade Class

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8th Grade Class Trip

Tuesday, May 23, 2017, was our eighth grade field trip. We attended Holiday Hill; a resort located in Prospect, Connecticut where there were many fun activities to participate in. Our class heartily enjoyed their time spent on the trip.

To begin with, we took a two hour bus ride down to the resort. The ride was carried out through an Academy bus, which was a luxury for us to say the least. We enjoyed free wifi, charging portals, plush seats, and air conditioning on the trip down and back. The rides were filled with laughter, great snacks, and beautiful scenery.

When we arrived we were greeted with very kind workers. There were also many other schools who joined us at Holiday Hill to enjoy the fun festivities. The grounds were huge and there were so many activities to doing like swimming, kayaking, multiple different sports options, and many other interests. There were also neat things to do like airbrush tattoos and a lip sync contest. Many of us challenged each other in ping pong matches in the small underground game room located right next to the pool. One of our favorite pass times was the diving board. We tried so many laughable and cool jumps/dives to impress each other as well as get cool pictures courtesy of Mr. Vacca!

The entire resort was all inclusive. There was an entire room dedicated to different types of food. There was a cookout around lunch time where hamburgers and hotdogs were put on the grill and after lunch we were served cake and brownies. Throughout the day you could pick up ice cream bars from the food truck, cotton candy from the small outside store, and could frequent the soft drink machines located around the campus as much as you’d like.

On the way back home, the bus stopped at a rest stop for us to eat dinner. In the rest stop there was a Mcdonald’s, a Dunkin’ Donuts, and a Subway. Most of the class chose to eat from the Mcdonald’s and we sat in the rest stop to enjoy tasty food and great company. When most of us had finished our meals, someone discovered two large massage chairs in the corner of the building. We all took turns sitting in the chair and indulged in an extremely relaxing experience after our long day of running around and having a blast.

Over all, our eighth grade trip was probably the best trip that we’ve ever known from St. Augustine’s. We have created so many great memories out of that one awesome, fun-filled day that will hopefully stick with us as fond experiences to look back on. We hope that next year’s eighth grade class, and all of the classes to come, will have just as much fun as we did!

             Rachel Smith and Abby Shea

Mrs. Palumbo

Mrs. Palumbo has been working in our school front office since 2007. We wish her much happiness as she embarks on the next journey of her life.

Q.What are your plans for after you leave St. Augustine’s?

A.My plans are to spend time with my family, relax, and take time for myself.

Q.What will you miss most?

A.I will miss all the kids, teacher, and staff.

Q. What is your best memory?

A. My best memory is when I had my children here at the school while I was working here.

Q.Will you come back to visit St.Augustine’s

A. Oh Yes !

Ayobami Ayorinde and Georgia Tannous

Happy Easter from St. Augustine School

     Dear faculty, staff, and students of St. Augustine’s School. We would like to wish you a Happy Easter! This is one of the most important days for Catholics. It is not only just about waking up and going out to find Easter eggs, but is about celebrating Jesus’ Resurrection and saving us from our own venial and mortal sins. Jesus died on Good Friday because He loves us eternally and wants us to live with Him forever in heaven. On Good Friday it would be appreciated by both God and the people involved in your life to have a peaceful time of silent pray for an hour while not talking or getting distracted as to show respect to Jesus for dying on the cross.

     The Easter  season is a time to share with your family the divine experience of going to the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Mass held by our church.The Easter Sunday mass is a beautiful ceremony and is the ideal event to attend on Jesus’ miraculous day of Resurrection.

     During the Lenten season our school also had the sixth grade performing the living stations. Every year the sixth grade religion class shows  the fourteen Stations of the Cross, including the Resurrection, in a live action play. It is wonderful to watch and teaches a more in depth look into each station.

     On Holy Thursday the student council held an Easter egg hunt for grades Pre-K through second grade. The young students were sent out to hunt for eggs and greet the Easter Bunny. Most of them were clever enough to guess who the Easter Bunny was, but we could not let the secret out! They heartily enjoyed their mini but fun hunt, and we are sure that the parents at home will hear all about it!

Once more, we hope that all of our parish and school families have a very happy and blessed Easter. Don’t forget to have fun and be safe during your week long April vacation!

Rachel Smith and Abigail Shea


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Grade 7 News

     The 7th grade class has been very busy. Recently in math, they are working on Pre-Algebra. 7A is raising powers of products and 7B is finding percentage, ratio/proportions, and scale drawing/measurement. In social studies, they are studying the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War. They are also creating a Revolutionary War Newspaper. In art, they are finishing up their Christmas Carol projects. They also have been working on their sketch books. That is what the seventh grade has been up to lately!

Siena Coia & Giula Mailhot

Students vs. Faculty Basketball Game


     On March 29, 2017, we held our annual students vs. faculty basketball game. It was a very stunning and heart-pounding game that came down to the final seconds. We eventually went into overtime. The students lost 56-54 when the star player of the faculty team, Mr. Reyes, scored the winning basket that put faculty up by two. It was a very challenging game for both teams, but also was very fun. This was the second year of this new tradition brought in by our principal Mr. Brassard. Last year, the students won by one point, but the teachers got their revenge on the students this year. We hope that this is a tradition that lasts for many years to come.  
                                                                           Justin Ryone and Nathan Clift

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Grade 1 news

We emailed Mrs. Brassard to ask her about what the First Grade class was learning and any fun activities they were doing. This was her response.

Religion/Social Studies:
                We have taken “trips” to four different countries to learn about continents of the world, as well as, different religious people.  Each student has his/her own passport that gets stamped when they go through customs at the airport in our classroom before taking off on our plane ride overseas.  Our first trip was to India to visit St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and see the poor conditions of Calcutta where she helped the “poorest of the poor.”  Our next trip was with St. Pope John Paul, II, to Poland where we got to see the Nazi and Communist conditions that he grew up in, and how he still studied and learned about his faith “underground.”  Also, we went to Israel to walk with Mary and Joseph on the road from Nazareth to Bethlehem before Jesus was born on Christmas.  Finally, we traveled to Portugal to see the three children who had witnessed the miracle of Our Lady of Fatima.
                We just finished a unit on weather in which we studied the water cycle and the three different types of clouds: cirrus, cumulus, and stratus.  The class learned a song about the water cycle to help remember the different stages of it and the cloud types.  We did some experiments to illustrate evaporation and condensation in which we covered up a jar of hot water with a pan of ice and watched the water condense on the side of the jar.  Also, we put water in the bottom of a vase and sprayed shaving cream over the top of the water.  Then, we squirted the shaving cream with different colors of water and were able to see how, once the cloud got heavy enough, the colors poured down into the water below…showing precipitation.  Finally, the students were able to make the three different types of clouds out of shaving cream.  It was a lot of fun!
                The students have learned various games to play that help study the words for each week.  “Swat it” is one game in which each word is written on the board, and two students get a fly swatter and stand facing the words.  When the teacher says a word, the student who swats it first wins, and the other one passes the swatter to the next contestant.  The students have also learned to play “Hangman” and “Wheel of Fortune” to practice the spelling words.  These games make it more fun!
We Thank Mrs. Brassard for sending us the email and keeping us up to date with the First Grade classroom.
                                        Sara Markarian and Kaylin Ferrio

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