Interviewers are Gabriel LeBeau and Andrew Reyes.

The Interview

Gabe and Andrew: How was your transition from Saint Luke’s to Saint Augustine’s?

Fr. Scott: Very well. Good support from our pastor, our parishioners, and our community.

Gabe and Andrew: Have any plans to contribute to the school, and/or the parish?

Fr. Scott: Personally, I would like to continue to support as much as I can. I would like to help all those in the parish, and school, in their journey of faith.

Gabe and Andrew: What is it like to teach at St. Augustine’s?

Fr. Scott: There are similarities with St. Luke’s preparation for the ACRE test. I enjoy meeting with the 8th grade students and helping them grow closer to Christ.

Gabe and Andrew: Nice talking to you, Father.

Fr. Scott: Thanks for the interview.

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