Q: How do you like your new position as second grade teacher?

A: I love my new position as second grade teacher. It is a lot of work and the days seem to fly by so quickly. The faculty and staff and parents have been very supportive and helpful and I learn something new every day.

Q: Do you miss your old position?

A: I do miss my old position. I spent five years in the Pre-K classroom so I got very used to the little ones who are so sweet. I miss my colleagues and friends Mrs. Varone and Mrs. Fusco as well. I try to get down to Pre-K once a day to say hi but sometimes I am so busy that I don’t get a chance.

Q: What are some projects that the second graders have done, and what are they working on now?

A: In second grade we have been learning how to write personal narratives. They had to write a story about a place they went to for the first time and then they had to write about an imaginary camping trip. Now, we are starting to learn about plays and how to write a scene from a play. Our reading story right now is a play and we are going to perform it for Mrs. Capirchio’s 3rd grade class this coming week. Hopefully this will help prepare us for our Nativity play that we will be performing in the Christmas concert this December. In Science, we are learning about the three states of matter, solids, liquids and gases, and we have done experiments  comparing the mass of different objects and measuring the volume of liquids in different size and shape containers.

By: Chris Pogorilich & Zoe Kahane