This year we introduced the program Scratch in all computer classes from grades 2 to 8. Scratch is a website which you can not just play video games, but you can make your own with their helpful tutorials. We’ve asked many students about Scratch, and their comments are all good. They love how they can make a game, not just play them. I like it because it makes me feel like I’m a game developer on a major game. 

Riley Souza


For the past few weeks in computer classes, grades 2-8 have been using a computer application called This website teaches students all over the world how to code and also use the computer language called “JavaScript”. Using this language, over 100 million students have participated in this new program. There’s something for every student with an interest in this great website.  It allows you to program in Star Wars, Minecraft, Frozen, and more. is also making an even greater leap into computer science with ‘Hour of code’. This project is to expand the limits of learning technology and programming with over tens of millions of students already participating. There is no experience needed and it is great for students and teachers eager for learning coding and “JavaScript”.

Caitlyn McCarthy