Christmas is in the air at St. Augustine School!  Everybody has been preparing and getting ready for the festive season in countless ways.  Every morning at our morning prayer service, we light the candles on the Advent Wreath.  Each candle has a special and unique meaning; Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love.  We keep Jesus in our hearts each and every day as we prepare for his sacred coming on Christmas.  

As well as spiritual celebration, we have also been celebrating in many other ways in every classroom.  Our class in particular has had so much fun putting up lights and decorating the 8th grade homerooms.  Also, there are fun little things that we do, like listening to Christmas carols while we work, and making cards for the Veterans.  We have also had a blast watching movies, having our parties and exchanging gifts, and especially rehearsing for the Christmas concerts.  We hope you all have been having as much fun as we have during this Christmas season, and we wish you all a Merry Christmas on behalf of St. Augustine School!


By Angelina Tanzi and Diana Stover


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