All of the students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 have been working very hard this school year.  The students also have fun while they are learning.  

     Third grade started off the school year by learning about Penguins in their reading class. Then, the students wrote a Halloween Story and an informational writing piece on “corn.”  “Corn” is a reading unit about Thanksgiving and cash crops.  They recently worked on a persuasive writing piece.  The theme was “What I Would Love for Christmas.”

     In fourth grade, the students started off the school year by building a spaghetti and marshmallow tower.  This activity was done in science class.  Mrs. Shawver made the activity a competition.  The winning tower had to be the tallest, while staying in an upright position with no human support.  The winner designed a tower that was 25 inches tall! Next, the fourth grade students started learning about the United States regions. So far, they have learned about the Southwest region.  The class also made their own passports in Social Studies class.  In Religion, they made posters that displayed their love for God. The students also wrote a story about Halloween and personal narratives.  

     In fifth grade, the students started off the year with some great activities that welcomed the class. They wrote about their Halloween night, instead of talking! In their Social Studies class, they are learning about different Indian Tribes. They broke up into groups and wrote about their tribes. In Science, they are learning about cells. The students were working on packets called “Cells to Systems.” Finally in Religion, they pretended to be Godparents and wrote to their future Godchildren.                                                                               

                                                                                              Emily Garganese and Samantha DiBiasioGrade5Grade4Grade3