1. How has your first year at St. Augustine’s been?

A: My first year has been very positive. I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful parishioners and a new school community. Sometimes change can help us to grow. Every parish has its own patterns and way of doing things. I have found the people of St. Augustine to be open to learning different ways and take advantage of new opportunities to grow spiritually together.

  1.  What was it like training the new altar servers?

A: The altar servers of St. Augustine are the BEST in the diocese, for sure! I have been very impressed by the level of respect and reverence demonstrated by our servers. It is nice to be able to train some new servers to live up to the great legacy of our parish servers.

  1.   How has the week been with Fr. Mongeon?

A:  Fr. Mongeon was our mission preacher for the weekend Masses and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. He is a friend of mine and a holy priest. I was glad to invite him to share his spiritual wisdom with us, especially concerning the seven deadly sins. I heard from many parishioners who enjoyed the mission and especially the opportunities for Confession and the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Interview by Gabriel LeBeau and Andrew Reyes