This week our school had a faculty/parent versus 8th grade basketball game. The faculty team included Mr. Reyes, Mrs. McCurdy, Mr. Styborski, Mr. Brassard, Mrs. Brassard, Mrs. Quattromani, Mrs. Buote, Napolean, Mrs. Hannigan and Fr. Scott. The coach for the Faculty was our P.E. Teacher Mrs. Corey. The referees for the game were Mr. Baccala and Mr. Kelly. Players for the 8th grade team were Joseph Weidinger, Lawrence Corrente, Dylan Murray, ,  Andrew Reyes, Greg Schaumberg, Michael DeMeo, Stephanie Saucier, Ronnie Baccala, Nicholas Orabona, Riley Souza, Mike Gosetti, Joey Myre, and Aria DiNobile. The coaches for the 8th grade team were Samantha DiBiasio and Sophia Fraioli. Meghan Themistocle and Emily Garganese were the announcers for the game. The game came down to the last shot. The 8th graders ended up winning by one point. The players and spectators all agreed it was great fun and we plan to follow up with a volleyball game in May. 

-Joseph Weidinger