Everyone had an amazing time at the Father Daughter Dance. The theme was Oscar Night. Considering it was their last year, the 8th grade was able to ride in a limo. There were flashing lights and loud music the whole way there. Everyone enjoyed looking at them walking in with their fathers in their amazing dresses and everyone cheered.There was a poster board and the 8th graders pictures were shown of their first father daughter dance, it brought them so many good memories. There were stars on the wall with all the 8th graders names. All of the girls enjoyed taking pictures in the small backdrop that made it look like you were on the red carpet. At the end of the night, the 8th graders walked in with their fathers for their last dance. All the girls had fun dancing with their fathers and their friends.

Samantha DiBiasio and Sara Groves


Featured image: curtesy of Catherine Stover via Facebook