To Mrs. Styborski, who has served St. Augustine School diligently for over 30 years, and the Rhode Island education system for even longer. Our community bestows upon you a heartfull “Thank you”, a sincere “Congratulations” and a tearful “Farewell”. Your services to our curriculum are earnestly appreciated, and we wish you best of luck in years to come.

Mrs. Anna Styborski has done volunteer service at our school even since our esteemed principal, Mr. Brassard, was a student. She moved up in the depth of her new job, later becoming a part time teacher, and eventually becoming the full time teacher we all know and love today. She has done an excellent job in educating the middle school and upper elementary students on the various topics of history and literature.

In addition to her contribution to the community as a teacher, Mrs. Styborski is an excellent coordinator, taking almost total charge of major projects including clubs such as, Students Against Bullying and charitable events, among other things. Thank you again for everything you have done to make us better students, friends, members of the community, and leaders of the future.



Saint Augustine School

Written and edited by Dylan Murray and Nicholas Orabona, respectively,