Q: Why did you decide to come back to Middle School?

A: I decided to come back to Middle School because there was a position that let me work three days, instead of five. Having my own classroom, I would have to work all week.


Q: Are there any pros/cons of being back in Middle School?

A: I do like being back in Middle School. I enjoy being with middle school students. They understand my sense of humor, and I feel that teenagers relate to me well.


Q: How did you get all of your things moved back upstairs?

A: Last year, I made the seventh grade boys move all my things into Mrs. Styborski’s room. I packed everything, but I had the boys move it because I couldn’t ask my husband to move my stuff again.


Q: What would you like the 8th graders to take away to high school from your class this year?

A: I really want to prepare the 8th graders for what they will face socially in high school. I want them to use their faith and the guidance their teachers and parents have given them to make the best possible choices after they leave St. Augustine School.


Q: How do you get the 8th graders to be so close to you?

A: I don’t think I “get” the 8th graders to be close to me. I do think that in religion class we talk about a lot of issues students wouldn’t normally talk about, so we meet on another level. I think the 8th grade students like to make an adult connection where they feel comfortable talking about concerns that they have about their adolescence.


Q: Do you like being back in Middle School?

A: I do like being back in Middle School. I love working three days a week! I like the business of Middle School, and that we are always moving from class to class.


Q: Do you miss teaching 3rd grade?

A: I miss the curriculum of 3rd grade. We learned a lot last year.  I like that we didn’t have to end a lesson because it was time to “change classes.” We would get to work on a specific subject as long as it took, which made projects more fun.


Q: Do your children feel more happy that you are home more now that you are working part time?

A: My children love that I am home more. My son thinks that on Mondays and Fridays he doesn’t have to go to school because “mommy is home,” but he is adjusting. My daughter never wants me to leave, so she thinks it’s fabulous. Plus I can get a lot done at home, and still be able to exercise my passion of teaching.


Q: Is it nice to see all the familiar faces from past Middle School years?

A: I love seeing students who come back to visit. I like to see what they are doing, and how they have changed. It’s always good to see a student turn into a successful adult.

Interveiwers: Ayobami Ayorinde and Linsey Conca