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The Saint Augustine’s Tennis team had its second season this year and did phenomenal. They finished their season with a record of 4 wins, 3 ties, and 1 loss excluding the playoffs. The team made it to the state championship and unfortunately lost. They received second place this year just like last year and finished the whole season very proud. The coach of the tennis team was Tim Coffey and his assistant coaches were Alex Perullo and Amy Watson.

This was my second year playing tennis for Saint Augustine and I had a great time. I learned how to play the game and also made plenty of friends. The 8th grade class had 7 kids who played this year: Michael Aspinall, Christopher Grivers, Nora Reall, Emily Wright, Linsey Conca, Madeline McGrath, and Grayson Goolgasian. We all had a great time and I’m sure the team will do great again next year.

By Michael Aspinall

Featured image: Madeline McGrath       Photo credit : Coach Coffey