1. What was the best part of being principal of the day?

My favorite part was using the intercom because I liked making announcements.

2. Were you nervous to announce on the intercom?

No, I wasn’t nervous, I liked doing it because it was fun.

3. Did you learn anything being principal of the day?

I learned that it was super fun being principal.

4. After experiencing that, what do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up, I would like to be a police man.

Grayson Goolgasian, Nora Reall and Siena Coia

      excerpt from Mr. Brassard’s weekly letter

“ My day as principal was the best day. I liked using the intercom to make announcements. I gave the teachers donuts to celebrate my birthday. I gave all the kids in the school extra recess. It was picture day, so I handed out t-shirts and called down kids to take their pictures. I was able to be part of the extra recess for my class.”

~ Michael DiRocco



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