The sixth grade class has been very busy this year, here are a few things they are working on.

     In Reading, they are finishing Cheaper by the Dozen. They were required to create a project to show their knowledge about the book. They were able pick from several items and the four that they choose will add up to one final grade. Some of them are creating comic strips, advertisements, mobiles, new chapters and characters for the book.

      In Spanish they are beginning to learn about the weather (el tiempo). They are leaning how to ask and answer questions about the seasons and talk about the weather in Spanish. They just finished the body. They had to draw any character from a book or movie, and label their body parts in Spanish. They were able to work in pairs.

     In Art, they are working on a pyramid project that will cross over to their Social Studies curriculum. They are also working on weekly sketch books. The sketchbooks are assigned weekly and are due every other Thursday.

     In religion, sixth grade is working very hard on the Live Stations of the Cross. This moving performance will be held on Thursday, April 6th at 1:15 in the church. 

Chris Grivers and Matthew Mendes