Harrison Rhodes had the opportunity to be Mrs. Corey’s assistant for the day. We asked him some questions to find out what it was like.  

Q:What did you do with Mrs. Corey?

A: I went with Mrs. Corey to take pictures of Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and grade 7. She gave me the school camera to use. 

Q: Was it fun?

A: Yes, I really liked taking pictures

Q: Do you want to be a photographer when you get older?

A: Yes, I’d do  it more for fun but do something else too.

Q: Besides photographing what else did you do with Mrs.Corey?

A: I helped kindergarten, we went out to recess and I watched them. 2nd grade had a math test and I helped them out with questions they had. I also had gym class with the 7th grade. We played dodgeball.
                                 Tony Azevedo, Justine Siravo and Linsey Conca 

The pictures without Harrison are a few taken by him with the school camera: a Nikon D3000. Great Job Harrison!


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