What is it like in the fifth grade classroom?

     The fifth graders are working very hard and have been very busy this year. They are doing a ton of projects and activities. They are a wonderful group and have a lot of fun in the classroom.

     In social studies they completed an Indian Tribe project. Each student had their own tribe to do a report on. They also presented a poster going along with their tribe that they decorated with pictures and artifacts. In science the class will be learning more about the Digestive System in depth. They will be writing a paper pretending they are a piece of food going through someone’s digestive system. They will also present these projects to their classmates.

     The class will also have a part of something extra they’ll learn. Their teacher, Mrs. Pogorilich, had asked them to write down three things they want to learn in fifth grade. She hopes that they will have the chance to learn about something they will be excited about and do well in.

     That’s some of the things the fifth grade has learned and will be learning. We’re sure the 5th grade students will finish off the year strong, and continue having lots of fun and working hard.
                                              Nora Claire Reall, and Grayson Goolgasian