Mrs. Shawver’s time here at St. Augustine School has included great teaching, laughter, and love for all of the students and teachers around her. She has bonded with her many students and has given them a beautiful sense of accomplishment and family-like camaraderie. She never ceases to fill a room with laughter and jokes.

Mrs. Shawver began teaching at St. Augustine School in 2005. During her time spent here, she has made an enormous impact on the students that have been lucky enough to be a part of her fourth grade class. She is constantly encouraging her students to strive for excellence and to be kind  towards others. Mrs. Shawver loves to bring joy and positivity to her class. She creates fun projects for the students to enjoy,

As students of her fourth grade class during the year 2012-2013, we were lucky enough to experience Mrs. Shawver’s fun and innovating teaching. When we think back to those good old days, we remember the times when Mrs. Shawver would toss around her foam apple to each of us as a way of giving us a turn to read. We have made so many lasting memories like reading Hatchet and trying to make up titles for the chapters. We also wrote weekly journals with many creative themes. One of the most memorable projects that Mrs. Shawver let us create was the marshmallow and toothpick tower project. We were all put into individual groups and assigned to create tall towers exclusively using toothpicks and large marshmallows.

As Mrs. Shawver wraps up her time here at St. Augustine School we are sure she will be enjoying her time with her last fourth grade class. On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students we wish Mrs. Shawver a happy, relaxing, and content retirement. We hope that she will be able to look back at her time here at St. Augustine’s with fond memories and fun experiences as she enters another chapter of her life.

Rachel Smith and Abby Shea

Header Picture: The class of 2017

Slide Show- Mrs. Shawver’s 2016-17 4th Grade Class

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