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  • A Day in the Life of Taco

    A Day in the Life of Taco

    We interviewed students in Grade 2 about their pet lizard. Q:What is the lizards name? A: The lizard’s name is Taco Q: Is Taco a boy or a girl? A: Taco is a girl. Q:Who named her?  A: Mrs. Stover was the one who named Taco. Q:What kind of lizard is she? A: Taco is […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

         At Saint Augustine’s School, we love celebrating Christmas in many different ways. We hope everyone remembers that the true meaning of Christmas is Jesus’ birth. On Christmas, we remember Jesus’ birth and the many miracles that came along with it. During this time of preparation, we have many traditions at Saint Augustine’s.    […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving

         November is a very busy month for the students at St. Augustine School. We spend most of the month gathering food for our Thanksgiving baskets. The baskets that we make are donated to the less fortunate families in our area. The students started gathering this food weeks ago, and brought in many items […]

  • Interview with Mrs. Micheletti – PreK 3 Teacher Aid.

    Interview with Mrs. Micheletti – PreK 3 Teacher Aid.

    If you weren’t teaching what would your job be? I would be a Mortgage Underwriter. Did you go to college, if you did what did you major in and where did you go? Yes, I majored in business at Rhode Island College. What is your favorite subject to teach to the little kids? I enjoy […]

  • Young Authors’ Workshop

    Young Authors’ Workshop

    Young Authors’ Workshop        Students in Kindergarten through grade eight recently attended an assembly, The Young Authors’ Workshop. The presentation began with a performance by a mime named Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones started to mime at age ten, and still continues to this day. Many mimes usually have an all white painted face, […]

  • Grandparents Day

    Grandparents Day

     Grandparents Day       Grandparent’s Day at St. Augustine’s is a special day. The day starts off with grandparents coming to Mass and participating in it with their grandchildren. After Mass, the grandparents are invited back to the school for donuts and coffee. Then they are welcome to walk down the hallways and explore the […]

  • Tennis Team News

    Tennis Team News

    Tennis   Saint Augustine’s School has a wide variety of sports, one of them being tennis. The tennis team is composed of 10 players and 2 coaches. The team is made up of mostly eight graders. Coach Tim Coffey has been coaching tennis for 5 years and Coach Alex Perullo has been coaching for 3 […]

  • Mrs. Scaramuzzo’s Interview

    Mrs. Scaramuzzo’s Interview

    Did you Major in education in college, if not what was your major? I originally began my college career wanting to become a math teacher, but then my ideas changed to major in history and science. If you weren’t teaching, is there another career you would choose? This would be tough since I always wanted […]

  • Interview with Mrs. Cherio-Grade 3

    Interview with Mrs. Cherio-Grade 3

    What inspired you to be a teacher? From when I can remember, I have always wanted to teach. I had many great role models at Saint Augustine’s, and they all inspired me to follow my dream of becoming a teacher. Where did you work before? I taught English, Religion, and Vocabulary at Saint Cecilia School. […]

  • Kindergarten News

    Kindergarten News

    We asked Mrs. Phillips the following questions and these were her answers. What has Kindergarten learned this year and what are they learning right now? We have learned how to live up to our motto “Kindergarten begins with Kind” by performing acts of kindness for our classmates. We will be doing a Rainbow Fish project […]